From the 2nd to the 5th of August 2018, for the ninth time, the “Organ Academy Upper Swabia” took place, organised by ORGANpromotion.

The organ landscape of Upper Swabia must exert a powerful attraction, as the academy drew a total of 14 international participants from England, Greece, Canada, Japan, Austria and Germany.

Teaching took place on the Holzhey organ in Obermarchtal and ORGANpromotion succeeded for the first time in obtaining the services of renowned emeritus Professor of Organ Gerhard Weinberger (Munich) for this event. Weinberger was a fitting choice for this course because of his editorial activity regarding Upper Swabian Organ Music of the 18th century. The performance level of the active participants ranged from beginner to concert performer, but each one went away with tips on enlivening his playing and improving his articulation.

There were further viewings of historical organs in Rot an der Rot and in Ochsenhausen, where some participants were able to witness the Prize-Giving within the International Summer Academy of Music.

Some participants were soloists in a special course recital in the Minster at Obermarchtal including pieces by Sweelinck, Muffat, Walther, Mozart and Rinck and also played on the Holzey organ for the Sunday service in Obermarchtal.

The course was rounded off with a “demonstration” recital by Professor Weinberger, who had put together a varied programme with Upper Swabian organists, each one showing off the varied sound colours of the organ. Who had heard of composers such as Metsch, Betscher, Rosengart, Zöschinger, Will and Monastery composer from Obermarchtal, Bachmann? The finale of the concert was a four-handed fugue by Bachmann, in which the Professor was joined by Beatrice-Maria Weinberger.

(Dirk Brödling, 31812 Bad Pyrmont)