Maître Roth and the Queen of Instruments
To mark the 75th birthday of Daniel Roth we are planning a commemorative publication in Autumn 2017. This can only succeed with your support.
1st International Organ Academy Paris 2017

1st International Organ Academy Paris 2017
1. Internationale Orgelakademie Paris 2017

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Mataró (E) International Summer Academy

8.7.-21.7. 2017

Ben van Oosten (Rotterdam, NL), Raul Prietó (Indiana, Ball State University, USA),...

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Hannover (D) Marktkirche 2017

Internationale Orgelkonzerte, jeden Samstag um 18.00 Uhr
Orgelmatineen im Juli und August sonntags um 12.00 Uhr
Messiaen-Zyklus 2017...

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Frankfurt a.M.-Bergen-Enkheim (D) Kirche St. Nikolaus – Orgelkonzerte 2017

große Konzertreihe über das ganze Jahr hinweg. Terminauswahl:


So 2. Juli 109. Großes Orgelkonzert

So 02. Juli, 19.30...

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The giant organ list 2017
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Der Galiläer
Silent movie & organ improvisation - Click the photo
The organ - touch and storm - lift the soul
a meditation of Daniel Schilling
Join us on our Organ Tour to Paris

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