As hardly any other can,

the organ with its many pipes,

the large, the small, the fat, the thin,

brings people's bodies into swing.

It plays for young and old; in joy or sadness.

Can rock and roar,

and yet in all its moods it makes us pine for “more”…


It plucks at every string

within your soul and makes it ring…

A theme pops up,

and glides from front to back from low to high

unfolds in variations;

our thoughts and feelings can it tie …

and penetrates the deepest part of this amazing space,

the space in us,

in which we feel;

within which we reside.


This Queen of instruments, the organ,

can often be compared,

unto a stairway to the soul ...

creates her music as a hymn

of praise to HIM

who causes us to sing…

This royal art can say much more …

than words can say,

faith, hope and love sing in its measures,

Mere words cannot convey such depth

when they must all be filtered by the brain.


Yet music finds the shortest route, straight to the senses.

It penetrates direct into our hearts …

into our longing for the ultimate, for God,

a God – so I believe - who sings.

Can bring – our music can – its praise to the Almighty,

to HIM who, son of man – through love has made you great,

who gave to you your breath.…


So use it now to praise HIM in your song!


But do it not alone but all together

And out of darkness sing with HIM into the light…

of HIS and of our dreams…



Pfarrer Daniel Schilling, D-40878 Ratingen

Photo: Organ in Waldsassen