7 days, 2300 kilometres travelled, 18 stages, 21 organs, not racing, but an organ connoisseurs' pilgrimage was enjoyed by 30 participants from 7 countries under the direction of Dr. Kurt Lueders (Vice-President of the Cavaillé-Coll Society) and the organisation of ORGANpromotion.


Starting in Paris, the route ran to Rouen, Elbeuf, Caen, Bayeux, Trouville-sur-Mer, Long-sur-Somme, Saint-Omer, Douai, Bailleul, Epernay, Saint-Dizier, Pithiviers, Orleans and return to Paris. Kurt Lueders accompanied the trip with introductory talks and technical details, sound demonstrations of the organs and short courses.


We viewed the following organs: Saint-Quen in Rouen (IV/64), Elbeuf (Saint-Etienne II/22, I/8), Notre-Dame l’Assomption II/19), Caen (Saint-Etienne III/50), Bayeux (Cathédrale III/43, II/12 fP), Trouville-sur-Mer (Notre-Dame des Victories II/26, II/9), Long-sur Somme (St. Jean-Baptist II/19), Saint-Omer (Cathédrale IV/50), Douai (Saint-Pierre IV/70), Bailleul (Saint-Vaast III/39), Epernay (Notre-Dame III/34, St. Pierre-St. Paul III/40), Saint-Dizier (Notre-Dame III/37), Pithiviers (St. Salomon-St. Grégoire III/50), Orleans Choir-organ and main organ (II/16, IV/61).


The trip offered insights into all periods of the Cavaillé-Coll workshop's production, organs of all sizes from single-manual to two-manual choir organs up to the big 4-manual organs. Supplementary brief excursions were included to his successors Charles Mutin and Victor Gonzales, and to the Baroque organ of the Cistercian Monastery at Valloires as an „Homage to Jehan Alain“. The organ-builders among the participants often had the opportunity to study the organs from the inside.


The high point of the trip was a public recital given by the participants, at the invitation of the Community of Long-sur-Somme together with the Cavaillé-Coll Society. There was also a formal reception.


Next year, from 8th. To 15th July 2012, there will be the „Tour de France South“ – from Toulouse to Avignon, Marseille, Bordeaux to Lyon.


Dr. Gyula Kormos, Budapest