Hello Gottfried! Bonjour Andreas! Bonjour Johann Andreas!

Thu 3 and Frid 4 October 2024 in Königsfeld and in Villingen in the Black Forest

Sat 5 October Organ day Strasbourg

3 shiny silver, fresh and lively organ days for young and old, for organists, organ builders and organ lovers

a German-French encounter based on the motto of fun and enjoyment of music and the sound of the organ


Johann A. Silbermann organ in Villingen
Organ in the church hall in Königsfeld


Encounter, exchange, conversation, learning

  • Interplay between organ building-organ playing-instrument
  • How do I handle a historical organ?
  • How do I play a historical instrument?
  • What does the organ tell me, what can I learn from the instrument?
  • The sound of the organ? Practical exercise on the voicing chest
  • Germany - France - Organ music and organ building 1680 - 1780



Organists, organ builders, organ scholars:

Marianne Bucher, Jean-Christian Guerrier, Jan Katzschke, Monique Leimbach, Christian Lutz, Daniel Maurer, Kristian Wegscheider, Olivier Wyrwas,

the German and French Silbermann Societies.



Wednesday, October 2: Arrival


Thursday, October 3 and Friday, October 4

mornings: Organ building dialog (keynote speeches, talk, discussion)

Afternoon: Organ playing dialog (lessons, talk, discussion)

evening: Dialogue concert (2 organists, 2 organ builders)


Saturday, October 5: Organ day "Silbermann in Strasbourg" with Daniel Maurer


participants fee: € 50 per day (students € 30)


An event of the European Organ Academy Albert Schweitzer EOA Königsfeld in the Black Forest


Registration/information from:

Michael Grüber    Tel. 0174 / 174 05 64   E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.