International Organ Academy Straßburg 2020
Internationale Orgelakademie Straßburg 2020
Académie internationale d´orgue de Strasbourg

Monday 10 august to saturday 15 august 2020

at the instruments of:

  • St. Paul: Eberhard-Friedrich Walcker, 1897 III/73 + Chororgel Marc Garnier, 1976 II/14 (Rekonstruktion durch Toussaint)
  • Temple neuf: Joseph Merklin, 1877 III/40
  • St. Thomas: Johann Andreas Silbermann, 1737-1741 III/38 + Chororgel Dalstein-Haerpfer,1905 II/9
  • Bouclier: Dominique Thomas, 2007 II/40
  • St. Aurelie: Andreas Silbermann, 1718 II/20 (Rekonstruktion durch Blumenroeder)
  • St. Madeleine: Andreas Silbermann I/8
  • St. Pierre de Vieux: E.A. Roethinger, 1925 III/36 (2017 überarbeitet durch Muhleisen)
  • St. Pierre le Jeune: Johann Andreas Silbermann, 1780 III/41 (Rekonstruktion durch Kern/Muhleisen)
  • St. Guillaume: Yves König, 1987 II/30
  • more information:

Together with the Organ there are also courses for harpsichord (Aline Zyberajch) and Clavichord (Jérome Mondésert)

Daily teaching morning and afternoon in 5 groups:

  • Group 1: the whole repertoire / tout le répertoire au choix
  • Group 2: Barock – Old music / musique baroque et musique ancienne
  • Group 3: Symphonique Organ music (main point Louis Vierne) and Modern / musique symphonique et moderne
  • Group 4: Improvisation
  • Group 5: Hapsichord and clavichorde / clavecin et clavichorde

Course languages: French, English, German

An attractive framework and evening programme with organ viewings, recitals and tourist events will complement the course.

sunday 9 August: arrive

afternoon: first playing and to get to know the instruments

6 p.m.: welcome, 7 p.m. dinner

monday 10 August: 10h start of lessons

Fee: Active participant 390 Euros, 290 students active , € 190 passive participant, per day € 50

Our recommendation for accommodation:


Séjours et affaires ( or 0033-3-90236536

6 Ibis hôtel : centre, centre gare, gare, centre halles, petite France

Hôtel de l’ILL

Hôtel des 3 roses

Best western Villa d’Est

Hôtel Monopole

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