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Paris – World Capital of organs and organ music!

Join us on our organ tour to Paris. In your 5-day stay you will be given a glimpse into the wonderful world of French organ music. Feast your eyes and ears, play on unique instruments in unique places. This year we are turning our attention to two French composers:

César Franck 125th anniversary of his death,

Jehan Alain 75th anniversary of his death

You will be offered an extensive programme of numerous organ viewings, recitals, introductions, small presentations, an accompanying organ course (optional) and,of course, an evening in Saint-Sulpice with Daniel Roth!

St. Clotilde, Saint-Sulpice, La Trinité, Versailles Dom, Temple de Bataignolles, St. Louis en l ´ile, St. Antoine, St. Esprit, Invalidendom, INJA – Institut des jeunes aveugles, Notre-Dame d´Auteuil.

Course César Franck wih Eric Lebrun (Organ) and with Kurt Lueders (Harmonium)


Something for everyone! An organ tour for organ fans and professionals.

Programme begins Wed 8th. April at 3 pm and ends Sunday 12th. April at 3 pm..


Detailed Programme: Click here!

As a taster we recommend: 

Cavaille Coll Werbung franck

Book according to your individual wishes:

• Organ Tour and passive participation on the organ course
• Organ Tour and active participation on the organ course (restricted to 8 participants, € 50,00 supplement)

If you wish to travel to Paris earlier or stay on after the course, we would be glad to book your accommodation for you. See application form for details of room prices for extra nights. We can also help you with booking travel to and from Paris.

Accommodation categories:

Student Hostel

Foyer le Pont

86 Rue de Gergovie

75014 Paris

Application before 31.1.2015 Application after 31.1.2015


€ 368,00 € 398,00 per person in room with three beds
€ 405,00 € 435,00 per person in double room
€ 460,00 € 490,00 per person in single room

Clichy Zentrum

€ 430,00 € 460,00 pro Person im Doppelzimmer
€ 568,00 € 598,00 pro Person im Einzelzimmer

Comfort Hotel


€ 445,00 € 475,00 per person in double room
€ 610,00 € 640,00 per person in single room


Paris Orleans

Palace Park Plaza

€ 510,00 € 540,00 per person in double room
€ 710,00 € 740,00 per person in single room

Prices include 4 nights bed and breakfast, complete course with all viewings, organ demonstrations, recitals, lectures, passive participation on course

Trip and course programme without accommodation booking via ORGANpromotion

€ 280,00