Wed, 19th April – Sun, 23rd April 2017 (Week after Easter)


Organ Viewings, recitals, lectures, course, international encounters.
Main subject "Louis Vierne, Charles-Marie Widor, Olivier Messiaen,
Alexandre Guilmant, Louis James Alfred Léfébure-Wély


Paris – World Capital of organs and organ music!

Join us on our organ tour to Paris. In your 5-day stay you will be given a glimpse into the wonderful world of French organ music. Feast your eyes and ears, play on unique instruments in unique places. This year we are turning our attention to three French composers:

Louis Vierne (80th anniversary of his death)
Charles-Marie Widor (80th anniversary of his death)
Olivier Messiaen (25th anniversary of his death)
Alexandre Guilmant (180th anniversary of his birth)
Louis James Alfred Léfébure-Wély (200th anniversary of his birth)

Go with us on Organ Tour Paris! Something for everyone! An organ tour for organ fans and professionals. Programme begins Wed 19th April at 3 pm and ends Sunday 23rd April at 3 pm. Visit of churches and organs at St. Antoine, St. Beernard de la Chapelle, St. Eustache, St. Paul/St.Louis, St. Augustin, St. Roche,
St. Germain de l ´Auxerrois, Trinité ... and of course there will be a visit at Saint Sulpice with Daniel Roth.

Small organ lessons by Eric Lebrun, Caroly Shuster-Fournier, Frédéric Blanc

Language: German, English, French



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