International Organ Academy Straßburg 2021
Internationale Orgelakademie Straßburg 2021
Académie internationale d´orgue de Strasbourg AIOS 2021


A project of the city partnership Strasbourg - Dresden. Silbermann makes it possible!

Project de partenariat Strasbourg - Dresde. Silbermann rend possible!


Special guest of AIOS 2021 is Holger Gehring, organist of the Kreuzkirche Dresden


Classes will be held from Monday, August 9, 10 am to Friday, August 13, 12 noon.

Students  from France and from Germany receive a scholarship.

the lecturers are:

Vincent Dubois: titular organist of Notre-Dame de Paris and director of the Strasbourg Conservatory

Francois Espinasse: titular organist of St. Séverin de Paris, and professor at the Lyon Conservatory

Martin Gester: Professor at the Strasbourg Conservatory

Holger Gehring: Organist of the Kreuzkirche Dresden, Professor at the Dresden College of Church Music

Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard: titular organist of St. Eustache de Paris

Jérome Mondésert: Professor at the Conservatoire de Nancy

Damien Simon: Titular organist of the Cathedral of Strasbourg at St. Paul Strasbourg

Aline Zylberajch: Professor at the Conservatory of Strasbourg

The groups:

Group 1: German Baroque and German Romantic repertoire

Espinasse | Gehring

Thomas du Bouclier organ


Group 2: 17th and 18th century French music

Espinasse | Simon

Silbermann organs of St Aurélie and St Thomas, Garnier organ of St Paul


Group 3 : symphonic and modern repertoire

Dubois | Marle-Ouvrard

Merklin organ of the Temple Neuf and Walcker of St Paul


Group 4 : improvisation

Dubois | B.F. Marle-Ouvrard

Merklin organ of the Temple Neuf and Walcker of St Paul


Group 5: Harpsichord, Cembalo, Clavichord

Aline Zylberjch (Harpsichord), Jérome Mondésert (Clavichord)




Each active participant decides on a group and can also participate passively as a listener in other groups. The passive participants do not have to commit themselves in advance and decide spontaneously in Strasbourg.


Daily classes in the morning and in the afternoon in 5 groups.

Course language: French, German, English

An attractive social and evening program with organ visits, concerts and tourist activities complete the course program.


Sunday, August 8: Arrival

18.00 Welcome, 19.00 Dinner

Monday, August 9: 10.00 start of the course, end of the course Friday, August 13 12.00

13.00 Lunch with presentation of certificates


Participation fee:

€ 390 active participation

€ 290 active participation students

€ 190 listeners

single day € 50

Students receive a scholarship


Organs in Strasbourg:

  • St. Paul: Eberhard-Friedrich Walcker, 1897 III/73 + choir organ Marc Garnier, 1976 II/14 (reconstruction by Toussaint)
  • Temple neuf: Joseph Merklin, 1877 III/40
  • St Thomas: Johann Andreas Silbermann, 1737-1741 III/38 + choir organ Dalstein-Haerpfer,1905 II/9
  • Shield: Dominique Thomas, 2007 II/40
  • St. Aurelie: Andreas Silbermann, 1718 II/20 (reconstruction by Blumemnroeder)
  • St. Madeleine: Andreas Silbermann I/8
  • detailed information about the organs can be found at:

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