Organ Viewings, recitals, lectures, course, international encounters.
Main subject "The french baroque Organ and the french baroque Organ music“


Paris – World Capital of organs and organ music!


Join us on our organ tour to Paris. In your 5-day stay you will be given a glimpse into the wonderful world of French organ music. Feast your eyes and ears, play on unique instruments in unique places. This year we are turning our attention tor the Main subject "The french baroque Organ and the french baroque Organ music“ for the 350 birthday of François Couperin

also memory to:

Jeanne Demessieux (50 anniversary of death)
Charles Gounod zum (200 birthday)
Pierre Pincemaille +12 january 2018


You´ll find a big programm with a lot of Organ Viewings, concerts, lectures and a Organ course by Christophe Mantoux and Aude Heurtematte at the Couperin Organ of Saint Gervais and also a visit in Aubervilliers at the organ of 1628. Also a visit at Saint Sulpice with Daniel Roth.

St. Gervais - Couperin-Orgel - Orgelbesichtigung und Kurs mit Aude Heurtematte
Notre-Dame de Vertus d´Aubervilliers - Elise Leonard
St. Nicolas des Chamos - FRancois Menissier
St. Germain de l´Auxerrois - Henri de Rohan Czermak
Notre Dame - Olivier Latry
Saint Sulpice - Daniel Roth
La Trinité - Carolyn Shuster-Fournier
Oratoire du Louvre - David Cassan
Hausorgel Duruflé - Frédéric Blanc

Go with us on Organ Tour Paris! Something for everyone! An organ tour for organ fans and professionals. Programme begins Wed 4 April at 3 pm and ends Sunday 8 April midday.

Language: German, English, French


€ 580,00 Hotel*** (€ 530,00 Application before 31.1.2018 and students)

4 nights bed and breakfast in double room, complete programme of viewings, organ demonstrations, recitals, lectures, personal group guide for whole length of the tour, extensive written programme guide with street map and details of the Metro, information on the individual organs and lecturers, organists and Paris churches.

Prices for single room and extra nights look in the application forms.


€ 290,00 Only programme without accommodation


Minimum number of participants: 30


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