85th birthday of Jean Guillou

Jean Guillou, born in Angers on 18th April 1930, studied at the Paris Conservatoire with Marcel Dupré, Maurice Duruflé and Olivier...

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Organ Tour Paris 2015

Paris – World Capital of organs and organ music!

Join us on our organ tour to Paris. In your 5-day stay you will be given a glimpse...

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JSB - 21st march 2015 – 330th Birthday

Bach in the...

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Sensational discovery in Dresden!
Journal of Johann Andreas Silbermann discovered!


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New Organ of Konstantinbasilika Trier
Organist: Martin Bambauer www.euleorgelbau.de www.konstantin-basilika.de
Erik Satie (1866 - 1925)
The new organ of organbuilder Jäger & Brommer in Schriesheim (Heidelberg)
Inauguration on 12 April 2015


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Stralsund St. Marien
Stellwagen 1653 - 1559 Organist: Martin Rost
Waalse Kerk Amsterdam
Christian Müller 1734 Organist: Jacques van Oortmerssen
Organ days Teneriffa
May 6th - 10th 2015
Silbermann-Organ of Marmoutier
The new CD of ORGANpromotion
Klosterkirche Maulbronn. Video of the recording: Click on photo

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